Upcoming Car Shows

Many people wonder what’s the big deal with car shows, but if you love classics, muscle cars, hot-rods, or even brand-specific cars, you completely get it. It is one of the best ways for car enthusiasts to meet others who share their passion.

San Antonio Area Car Shows

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Texas is no exception to states that love their automobiles, with plenty of choices for upcoming car shows in the next several months. You’ve probably seen the influx of cool looking vehicles driving into town, but if you’ve never been to a show, it’s quite an experience.

What type of car shows are there? This post offers some examples of the more popular car events:

Classic Car: This type is usually reserved for classic cars and other vehicles of historical significance. These types of shows can also be subdivided into categories based on the type, era or significance of the cars.

Speciality Shows: These often feature newer cars that have been modified. Many of the larger shows like this are sponsored by groups and magazines like DUB and Nopi. The larger ones are also joined by demonstrations and events that cater to the type of show (an import tuner show may have drifting demonstrations).

General Shows: These are for cars in general. They could be classic, custom, modern rare (like Lambos), and stock. Usually people who show their cars here have some kind of special car (classic or custom)but anyone can bring their cars and show them in events like that.

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Many of the car meets are put on by groups that have formed a club focusing on a certain type of car or driving activity. Some car clubs charge a membership fee, which provides benefits such as publications, or special events like cruising, races, and shows.

There are a number of local car groups that sponsor shows in the San Antonio area, providing entertainment for car lovers.  As mentioned, brand-specific car shows are quite common, and this video is a Mustang Club Car Show from a few years ago:

If you have considered trying your hand at car restoration, you had better have a lot of money and time on your hands. Assuming you plan to do the work yourself, these factors depend on the type of car, the type of parts, and the level of restoration.

First things first, you have to buy a car to restore. If it’s in decent condition, you will pay more to acquire it; however, if it’s in bad shape, you’ll pay more to restore it.

Next you prep the car for restoration by stripping the frame and chassis of everything possible to have the body and frame blasted and replated. Purchasing the necessary parts can be the biggest cost because finding older parts that are still in good condition isn’t easy.

Last is the finishing costs for painting and any auto body repairs. Other expenses are for specialty work such as custom paint or upholstery. This post gives an idea of the total price tag for restoring a car:

Overall Restoration Costs

Cost of Restoring a Car

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An overall restoration done by one shop is going to cost you anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000. Most of this will be billed monthly or with considerations made between you and management for payments. Some will finance the work at a percentage, while others work on a cash up front basis. You pay for the parts as they get them and then pay for the installation as it is done. There is a lot of money to be saved by doing some of the work yourself before taking it in to be restored. It depends on whether you want to be involved in the restoration, or just want to enjoy the completed project.

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If you are part of a car club, many times you can rely on assistance and advice from the other members. There are a lot of San Antonio Car Clubs to consider joining, depending on your style and passion.