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We’ve all had to deal with them (and purposely try to avoid them) – car salespeople.  There are a lot of jokes and stereotypes, especially concerning used car salesmen, but most are either beginners in the business or it’s just not in their DNA to do sales.

To make a sale and not chase potential car buyers off, there are some general characteristics of a good car salesperson that can make or break the deal. When it really comes down to it, we all have to sell ourselves at some point in our lives, so it is critical to understand the best way to market your most influential attributes.

The next post mentions two of the top factors that make a good salesperson:Characteristics of a Good Car Salesperson


In 1993, the American Psychological Association published a report that found the most successful sales reps were  “conscientious.” This trait is found in people who take great pride in their work, are organized and efficient. But, if you are not organized and efficient, you can learn to be. Conscientious also means you keep going in your job, no matter what.


Founder of Searchmetrics, Marcus Tober, states that “our top sales reps respect our customers’ time above all else. You have to make sure that your customers and potential customers are treated like gold.” Part of doing this is making sure that they have time and you schedule time for work. People want the bottom line. Old tactics don’t work. People are busy, respect their time above all.

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Another essential component of sales is being a good listener. It takes some experience to separate the noise from the meaningful information to be a successful salesperson. This is because potential customers will say a lot of things, but their non-verbal communication is just as important.

This video offers some tips for being a profitable salesperson. Even though they are pretty basic pointers, it’s still good info:

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Using a CRM, which is a customer relationship manager, is a huge benefit for a busy salesperson. There are all types of applications that can be purchased, such as Sales Force, Hub Spot, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, the point made in the video that if you don’t have access to a CRM, you can still be organized by using a calendar platform such as Outlook or Google Calendar. The capability to create an appointments page, get a countdown to your upcoming events, and being able to layer calendars with friends and colleagues will keep you on track.

As a car dealership, having a good CRM that is easy to teach to your team and provides a robust method for following up at just the right time can be a salesperson’s best friend. One of the top CRM’s for automotive sales are mentioned in the next post:

DealerSocket CRM

Customer Relationship Management

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DealerSocket is the one-stop shop for dealership marketing. Their award-winning software allows all departments of a dealership involved in sales to get the best results, save time, and close more deals. DealerSocket allows you to manage marketing activities, sales processes, customer satisfaction and retention, and service department operations. With email and automated marketing templates, automated follow up sequences, and lead management, this CRM gives a comprehensive solution to an auto marketer’s needs.

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State law in Texas asserts that car dealers can only be open six days a week, but they choose either Saturday or Sunday. Most opt for Saturday  and many dealerships oppose Sunday sales because of the fact that banks are closed making it hard to conduct business.

No matter whether you do mobile dent repair San Antonio or sell CRMs to car dealerships, knowing what it takes to achieve success is so imperative in today’s competitive world.