Buy, Sell, and Finance A Car By Snapping A Photo

Blinker App

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When you are car shopping, the idea of traveling from dealership to dealership, chatting with salespeople, and haggling over prices isn’t a very exciting scenario for most people. Fortunately, in this time of advanced technology, there are shortcuts that help make the car buying process a little less painful.

With all of the applications available for smartphones, it’s no surprise that there is an app which makes purchasing an automobile a smoother process. One such app is called Blinker.

What is Blinker?

According to their website, “Blinker is a mobile app that changes the way you discover, sell and purchase cars. It’s simple. Snap a photo to instantly learn about any car. Post your car for sale in seconds. Find one you love and quickly purchase for a payment that works for you (subject to qualifications).”

Most people at some time or another try to sell a vehicle. If you trade it in with a dealership, you typically get less than you’d get in a private-party sale because the dealership has to factor in the cost of reconditioning the vehicle and then making a profit when it resells.

The problem with selling a car privately is that there are a lot of unknowns. The buyer and seller don’t know each other, so that creates some apprehension.

Also, most people can’t just pay cash for a car they purchase from a private owner, so how do you get financing in this situation? The Blinker app seamlessly manages all of these issues and more.

Who Created The App

Here is an interview with the creator of the app, Rod Buscher:


Based out of Denver, Colorado, Mr. Buscher is a 30 year veteran of the automotive industry. Because technology was advancing quickly, he felt there was a need to provide a tool that could make the car buying/selling process easier, so in July of 2013 the idea became a reality.

Expanding To Texas

In 2017, the Denver startup expanded to four states, and Texas was one of the lucky ones.  In a short period of time, Blinker emerged as the one of the fastest growing auto sales platform in the state, with more than $57 million in total vehicle value transactions.

They also have a Texas connection. Their president, Danny Martinez, is a Dallas/Ft. Worth native. This post offers more on the expansion:

“Our growth and adoption in the past year have proven that people are looking for this solution, and we are excited to bring Blinker to Texas,” says Danny Martinez, Blinker’s president and a native of Dallas/Fort Worth. “As consumers continue to adopt more digital behavior, Blinker provides a mobile solution that saves Texans the time, money and headaches that have traditionally gone hand-in-hand with private-party auto sales.”Photo of Car

Blinker makes buying and selling used cars easier, quicker and safer than other online private-party options or dealerships. Blinker is the only platform that verifies ownership records and seller identities, handles payments through the app, conducts a 17-point fraud check on every vehicle and offers a free CARFAX Report™ with every listing. The app also integrates Black Book™ pricing guidance, ensures the seller receives payment securely, and transfers the title electronically — no other car sales platform does this. Blinker also allows people to sell their cars even if they still have a loan, handling the lien payoff right in the app.

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The expenses that come with car ownership add up over time, so finding a way to shop for a car that you know you can afford is huge. Knowing upfront what your monthly payments will be and not have it affect your credit just for looking is part of what makes technology a winner.

Removing the middleman from the process is part of what makes this app more appealing. In my book, though, shopping from the comfort of your own home/phone is the biggest incentive.