Auto body technicians repair cosmetic and structural damage to the bodies of your vehicle. On the contrary, an automotive repair tech is responsible for maintaining, inspecting and repairing the inner workings of vehicles.

Both are a good career choice for someone with a passion for cars. So what type of training do they demand?

Auto Body Training

auto body technician vs auto repair technician

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Auto body work requires you to understand the properties of the various metals that go into the components of the car’s body. They are usually employed at an auto body shop or at a car dealership.

This post gives an overview of what to expect in this career path:

Auto body mechanics are skilled workers who repair cosmetic and sometimes structural damage to the bodies of cars and light trucks. Their work requires knowledge of the properties of metal, glass and other materials, and, to a lesser extent, a vehicle’s mechanical systems. Many repair shops prefer to hire candidates with formal training, such as those who have completed a certificate or associate’s degree program in auto body repair or technology that emphasizes hands-on experience. Professional certification is also available.

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Auto Repair Training

As far as training to be an automotive mechanic, schooling is also recommended. Most shops won’t risk hiring someone who is self-taught due to liability issues.

To become an expert mechanic, you need to become certified and have a number of years experience under your belt. Today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever, so it takes time to become proficient.

In the following video, this knowledgeable mechanic provides his opinion on the importance of training in the industry:

There’s a high demand for qualified automotive repair experts, so choosing between auto body technician vs auto repair technician is a win-win either way. This is especially true if you already have an interest in working on vehicles.

There’s a saying:  The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Salary Of An Auto Technician

It doesn’t hurt, though, that an automotive tech makes pretty good money. This post provides more on this topic:

The median annual salary for automotive service technicians and mechanics was $38,470 in 2016. The highest earners in the field made about $64,070, while the lowest-paid took home roughly $21,470. Top earners in the profession work in the following industries: other telecommunications; natural gas distribution; electric power generation, transmission and distribution; couriers and express delivery services; and scientific research and development services.

auto body repair

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An auto body technician salary is comparable to a repair mechanic, averaging around $38K. The pay is sometimes based on commissions and health care benefits are included about half the time.

According to the above article, aircraft maintenance technicians are among the highest paid of all types of mechanics. They earn an average annual salary of $57,610.

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